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I am here to assist you in discovering for yourself how to live an amazing life. I feel honoured to be present with you at a moment of realising that anything is possible. I am the midwife as you birth a new part of yourself. The new paradigm starts with you, it is you. These opportunities for growth often arise out of a peak or cathartic experience. You might have invited it, or not… Perhaps something unexpected happened to jolt you into a new reality. You might not welcome it at first! It is important not to resist it, or stop there, because it is the fertile ground from which the new you will emerge from. Through stimulating questions and careful, attentive listening, I can help you embody this new part of yourself, and manifest the contribution you are here to make. Supporting groups and individuals, I act as a guide to find the clarity and confidence needed to go forward in realising and manifesting your intentions in the world. I look forward to assisting you in the transformation from who you are and what you bring into how you live.

What people are saying

  • Emily L., Seattle, WA

    "Gillian has provided much needed direction and affirmation in her sessions. I have repeatedly experienced how deeply connected, perceptive and gifted she is with her insights and guidance. Clearly she is in the right line of work! I have appreciated her profoundly intuitive wisdom to decisively move forward on my path. Thank you, Gillian!"

  • Gail T. Muise, Registered Career Counsellor and Facilitator

    "Our work with Gillian has helped us to manifest our dream of living in a wonderful, environmentally aware, supportive community, in the dream home that we created together. Gillian's caring and respectful approach allowed us to bring forth the necessary elements to accomplish this long term goal. As we looked back on the work that we did together, it was apparent that we manifested everything that we had indicated that we wanted in our sessions. Thank you Gillian!"

  • Tom Rankin, Independent Consultant & Facilitator for Canadian School of Public Service

    "Gillian's special gift is in enabling very different groups to work together in ways that honour the distinctiveness of each while realizing their joint potential. She helps people explore the world of possibilities - to sense the future in the present, to discover the familiar in the novel, and to see oneself with new eyes."

  • Ethan Nadelmann, Founder & Executive Director, Drug Policy Alliance, USA

    "When I think of Vancouver and who to call, I immediately contact Gillian to find out. She is extremely well connected with the diverse group of players in the drug policy reform world in her local environment, nationally and internationally. From a street entrenched person to an elected official, Gillian is at ease with whomever she meets, and they with her."

  • Diane Abbey-Livingston, Consultant, Trainer & Facilitator for Canadian School of Public Service

    "Gillian has a way of being with people that both affirms them and invites them to consider the validity and impact of their beliefs. She is gentle, firm, curious, knowledgeable and a delight to work with. She is the perfect partner to engage people in serious thinking about tough societal issues."

  • Maria Golovanevskaya, Former Program Officer at the International Harm Reduction Development Program at the Open Society Foundations

    "I have worked with Gillian on facilitating knowledge exchange between medical professionals from Eastern Europe and their peers in Vancouver. Gillian is a natural mediator; she is able to diffuse the tensions and facilitate a dialogue when the differences seem too great to overcome. She builds bridges and forms meaningful connections, liaising like-minded people locally and globally. Her strength is her highly observant and analytical nature, coupled with compassion and empathy that instantly put people at ease in her presence."

  • Maggie Ross, Consultant

    "I was feeling quite disorganized and unable to move my plans forward in a constructive way. Gillian's assistance has been brilliant. I've been able to get my business on a forward tract and much more productive than it was. At the same time, Gillian has helped me to manage more effectively all those other complexities of life. Gillian's services are a must for all of us who struggle with the competing demands of life and the desire to get ahead and be successful."

  • Wayne Ralph, MA, Author & Photographer

    "I worked with Gillian Maxwell during a period of transition from one occupation to another. I found her to be professional and insightful, with an easygoing manner that was comforting. She was able to ask probing questions that clearly showed both practical and strategic thinking. In particular, she provided guidance on how to plan for the future, in a step-by-step manner. She asked the right questions to elicit the underlying issues for me. Her pragmatism was helpful in crafting both shorter range and long range plans."

  • Elena A.

    "Gillian has a gift for empowering others to see their own potential. I worked with her at a time of transition and need for integration in my life and she gently guided me towards an understanding of my experience and path. Gillian is highly intuitive and with warm compassion, she facilitates growth in confidence, self-love and purpose required to live a life of meaning."

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    “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” - His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

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Gillian Maxwell

I am an experienced public speaker, facilitator and connector committed to raising consciousness individually and collectively to transform our world.

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