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August 24, 2015
Welcome to the "What's New" section of my blog. Stay tuned for news!
Easter was just here and spring has arrived. My favourite time of year. Full of new beginnings, renewed commitment, and a lightness in my step. I am pleased to offer you two new videos on my website: Integration Coaching and Spirit Plant Medicines. During the winter months I have been incubating parts of myself that, like the tulips, are starting to push their way up to the surface. Hello ☺ I have also been working with a team of exceptional people who are engaged in mastering leadership and team work. Of course that is all about learning who I am,…
We are approaching the end of 2014 and naturally start to evaluate how it went. Some of you may have already read my characterisation of the year as "intense and difficult" which it certainly has been from the level of loss of loved ones or those close to friends and family. It is curious to notice how my mind focuses on what is difficult and challenging. Perhaps yours works in a similar way? I tend to seek out what is not working and dwell on it. Perhaps that is why the media gives us only bad news, because it sells…
It has been a while since I wrote. A very close and dear friend died in June and my thoughts have been wrapped up in that. I needed some time to sort through them. A memorial was held for her a couple of days ago, and it was beautiful and liberating. A lot of things I had been holding onto came to the surface and I was able to release them with the encouragement and support of being in a room of several hundred people, who were sharing in the grief of loss and celebration of an amazing life. So,…
Have you ever had the experience of going about your day and somebody says something to you and seemingly out of nowhere you are irritated… and want them to go away, or you leave as soon as you can? Recently I had this experience twice in a day and was confounded as to what exactly happened.   I was annoyed by the interactions, and didn’t want to talk about it.  One of the times was witnessed, and in the de-briefing afterwards, there was more irritation and a compulsion to blame the person in the original incident, which quickly spread to the…

Living the New Paradigm (1): Holding the Space

March 1, 2014 Written by Gillian Maxwell
What turbulence we are living through, as we get more familiar with the new paradigm!  I was reflecting recently on the turmoil I am experiencing, and I see in friends, our community, and of course played out at the global level in disturbing and tragic ways.  I asked, in the face of all this suffering, where did the new paradigm go?  The answer I got is that it is always here, and as we move into it, it will appear to come and go, depending on our relationship with it.  I am talking about energy.  Our entire world is energy…
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